• Acorn is a family owned Car Rental company and as such we take pride in ensuring that our customers receive exceptional personal service.
  • With a Large fleet of fuel efficient Toyota Corolla hybrid hatchbacks, SUV’s and 7 seat family vehicles and was as commercial ute’s and Van’s you will fine a vehicle that suits your needs in our fleet.
  • We are Australia’s highest rated rental vehicle company having won best hire car company three years running and there is a very good reason for that, we put our customers first and foremost.
  • In fact we are so committed to providing personal service that we deliver our hire cars directly to you.
  • It is a concept that is unique among hire car companies and it is the reason our customers return to us time and time again.
  • Door to door vehicle drop off and pick up is not the only reason we have  an unrivalled reputation for great customer service.
  • You can collect your hire car in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne or Auckland or have it delivered to you at any metropolitan location including Hotels, Businesses and the Airport. .
  • Since we founded our car rental business in 1990 it has been built on a foundation of three core standards: integrity, efficiency and transparency.
  • Those values influenuce every decision we make as a team and they are at the heart of the relationship with have with every client.

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